Industry Innovation Center


Innovation Team

AIPU FOOD firmly believes innovation is the driving force of a company’s development. We have established an innovation center and gained excellent grades in core intellectual property, scientific achievement applications, R&D organization management, etc. We have been awarded with High Technology Enterprise for years since 2000.

Key responsibility of AIPU FOOD’s Innovation Center is to improve existing products and technology as well as develop new ones. It is also designed to be an application center where our technical staff can develop formulas for customers from different industries. Besides, this innovation center also functions as a laboratory and testing center and plays an important role in law interpretation and registration. Half of the core R&D members are senior technical experts and engineers with more than 10 years of R&D experience. Excellent young scientists and technicians with abundant practice experience are also recruited into this team. Over 50% of the innovative team are Doctors and Masters in Food Science and Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Polymer Material and Engineering, Applied Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Bioengineering and Pharmacology, etc. Diverse components reinforce the foundation of the team and manifest its technical strength. Meanwhile, we actively cooperate with top Chinese universities and institutions in food technology investigation.




Innovative Solutions


1. Technological innovation of caramel color
AIPU FOOD has developed more than 100 types of caramel color products. Our product list includes products specialized for certain applications such as beverage and sauces and also contains products featured with high color intensity or acid-proof ability. Diversified choices encourage our customers to find the best product to meet their demands. We are devoted to solve food safety problems and manage our caramel color at high safety standard. We are one of the companies that first developed caramel color products of low 4-MeI content (lower than 10ppm). Moreover, we have successfully developed a detection method of 2-acetyl-4-(1,2,3,4-tetrahydroxybutyl)imidazole (THI) and become one of the very few companies in the world that can detect and control the THI content in caramel color.


2. Technological innovation of hydrolyzed vegetable protein compound powder/liquid (“HVP Compound”) and soy sauce powder
We have elaborately designed Millard Reaction and spray drying technology, and developed HVP Compound of beef flavor, poultry flavor and neutral flavor. Compared to normal HVP Compound, flavored HVP Compound can reinforce the flavor of specific food and enrich the food taste.
3-chloro-1,2-propanediol (3-MCPD) is a key contaminant in HVP Compound and is generated during the manufacturing process. AIPU FOOD strictly control its level and develop products fit for different regulated standards (EU, Australia, etc.) 3-MCPD level of our HVP Compound products could be less than 50 ppb while the most widely-accepted standard is less than 1ppm.


For soy sauce powder products, our R&D technical personnel have especially researched in the flavor embedding technology.  Our technology will reduce the volatile loss of the flavoring agent during spray drying process and ensure that soy sauce powder can retain the featured flavor of soy sauce.


3. Innovative application service
AIPU FOOD can offer customized solutions depending on the requirements of customers. We are long-term partners for many leading food companies and provide high-quality products and formula service to both domestic and overseas customers.
We have developed a series of technical solutions to effectively protect products during the transportation and storage process. Besides, we can provide clients with flexible packaging solutions according to customers’ needs.


4. Innovative detection technology
We are devoted to the development of food contaminant detection technology. AIPU FOOD’s laboratory now has the ability to detect 3-MCPD, 4-MeI, melamine, plasticizer and rhodamine. Our Analytical Testing Center also actively cooperates with the laboratorial capacity verification organized by national authoritative department.




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